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Media Training Courses

  • Advanced Media Interview Skills

    Advanced Media Skills will help you sharpen your media response to the point where you can represent and defend your organisation, policy or service during robust media debate. Long form interviews require rock solid knowledge of your subject, meticulous planning and confidence.

    But there will always be questions to which you don't know the answer, or territory where you are reluctant to tread.

    In this course we test your responses to a range of scenarios and help you set your personal and strategic boundaries.

    Gain valuable practice staying on track and in control during longer live interviews.

    Experience the pressure of hostile, persistent or ill-informed questions and maintain composure under the media spotlight.

    Experience a simulated live news conference, live remote television interviews and the ultimate media blow-torch, live talk-back radio callers.

    Suitable for managers with some media experience who wish to take their skills to the next level.

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